Official Opening Of New Factory

New Factory Official Opening - 20 August 2014  

 Fergus Ewing opens Glenhead Engineering new factory   

Today, Fergus Ewing, the Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism, officially opened our new factory. Mr Ewing is shown here next to the commemorative plaque in the Board Room that he has just unveiled in front of invited guests from both our customer base and supportive public bodies. The plaque was designed and manufactured by our own engineers in the new premises.

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Wednesday the 20th presented us with a fine sunny dawn...

Early morning on 20th August at the new Glenhead factory

Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Government's Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism, has just unveilled the commemorative plaque...

Fergus Ewing, the Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism, unveils the plaque    glenhead_opening_plaque-2014-08-20    

Bob O'Donnell, our MD (right) with Douglas McAllister, Provost of West Dunbartonshire Council (left) and Gail Casey, West Dunbartonshire Councillor (centre) in front of the plaque...

Douglas McAllister, Gail Casey, Bob O'Donnell

Sharon Colvan, our Operations Manager (left), Fergus Ewing, Minister for Energy Enterprise & Tourism (centre) and Fraser Milne, our General Manager (right)...

Sharon Colvan, Fergus Ewing, Fraser Milne


Now for the tour of our new facilities. Sharon describes to Mr Ewing the capabilities of the equipment in our CNC section...

Sharon Colvan and Fergus Ewing in CNC Section

Discussions amongst (left to right) Mr McAllister, Bob, Rhona Allison (Director Company Growth, Scottish Enterprise), Sharon and Mr Ewing in the CNC section...

More discussion in the CNC machining section

... and more discussions between the CNC section and the manual section...

More talk at Glenhead Engineering official new factory opening 

Fraser (in white shirt) shows some guests our new Haas ST40 and explains its capabilities...

Fraser shows guest the new Haas ST40

Fraser shows examples of components recently completed for delivery to customers...

Finished machined components in the CNC section

At the top of the image above, you will see that it was still a nice sunny day, through the windows of the board room, and below is the view down to the factory floor from that window...

Glenhead Engineering shop floor from Board Room.

in the foreground is the CNC section and the back, right of the factory is the manual section. The Inspection office is between these two sections (behind the Pellaby hoist).

Our sister company, West of Scotland Fabrication, is in the separated area to the left of the manual section, behind the Glenhead logo and motto "Quality without Compromise".

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